Change your Facebook page name to all lower case/upper case

I want to create a Facebook page with the name beginning with a small letter but this is not supported by Facebook's policy. This might be your situation when your company/brand name is something that starts with a small letter.

They might change this hack in the future till then you can use this tip (December 2019).  

1. Create a page according to Facebook policy

In the example, I've created a page "Test Page" and I want to change it's name to "test Page".

2. Change your Facebook account to another language other than English

Go to Facebook account settings

Click on language and region under settings

Change Facebook language to any other language other than English. I've changed it to Español.

3. Edit your Facebook page name and submit for approval

Go to Facebook page and edit the name. Submit it for approval.

If you can't understand the content and if you are using Google chrome, right click and use translate to English.

The page name will be updated in less than a minute. This method will show the page name as you write it, all in lowercase letters/uppercase letters/first letter in lowercase.

4. Change Facebook account to default language

Now go to your Facebook account settings and update the Facebook language to your default language.

Here's the live example of brand page created for nullcast using this hack.

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